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Web Marketing

The My Web Services™ Marketing Platform is a fully-integrated Web Marketing service specifically designed for leading national advertisers, brand-name marketers, advertising agencies, publicity campaing specialists and anyone wishing to seriously increase Web visibility on the Internet.

The My Web Services™ Marketing Platform starts working where other marketing media services stop. Here is a summary of Web Marketing Services performed:

       Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Positioning
       Marketing campaigns by opt-in e-mail delivery and Web media
       Market surveys and polling using Web users as participants
       Web voting and Web-polling questionnaires & surveys
       Web-awareness campaigns and similar proaction activities
       Web site "smart traffic counter" and advanced statistical technology
           Plus a whole lot more

The My Web Services™ Marketing Platform will transform marketing programs that have "lost the edge" into strong, high ROI marketing programs that will significantly improve both sales generated and yield higher profits for any organization, large or small. Put the My Web Services™ Marketing Platform to work today and reap all the benefits. Let us repeat the exciting, success stories of our existing users for your company or department.

USA & Canada, call toll free today at 1-800-547-4149 or just send us an email for additional information on any Web Services offered on this website.

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