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Web Services News Archives, February 2009

This Web Services industry news section covers all aspects of Corporate Web Services. This section is updated many times a week. Web Services specialists, IT managers, Corporate Information Officers and government personnel involved in Information Technology regurlarly visit this section on a daily basis. Just click on the corresponding industry news of your choice.

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Feb. 27, 2009:
Windows 7 performs better than RAM-hungry Vista

Feb. 27, 2009:
Microsoft inks deal with Vodafone

Feb. 25, 2009:
How to enable (or disable) IP Tables in Linux

Feb. 24, 2009:
MIPS Technologies joins the Linux Foundation

Feb. 23, 2009:
Microsoft won't release a second beta to Windows 7

Feb. 16, 2009:
The development and adoption of Linux in China

Feb. 13, 2009:
Symbian Foundation rocks the boat on open source

Feb. 12, 2009:
Cuba kicks out Windows, now embraces Linux: US Hegemony

Feb. 11, 2009:
Google is licensing Microsoft Exchange Server patents

Feb. 10, 2009:
Is the future really in LTE technology?

Feb. 10, 2009:
The LiMo Foundation continues to make waves

Feb. 9, 2009:
Microsoft to boost its open source strategy

Feb. 8, 2009:
Red Hat ships its new Linux Enterprise version 5.3

Feb. 7, 2009:
HP's new Mini 1000 Netbook won't be available with Linux

Feb. 6, 2009:
Fedora 11 Alpha now ships with Windows cross compiler

Feb. 5, 2009:
Why multiple Linux distributions are a good thing

Feb. 3, 2009:
Overall adoption rate with Windows Vista utterly dismal

Feb. 3, 2009:
Debian installer software now faster

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